Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Hey Everyone!

The weeks seem to be flying by before I can even catch my breath! This week was a holiday week here - its called ´san Juan¨ and its supposedly ´´the coldest night of the year´´ here in Bolivia and everyone has a campfire on their porch and eats hot dogs! haha its actually kinda cute but holidays are always hard days here because everyone is busy and the number of drunks in the street triples! 
Yesterday we also got to go with the ward to a home for kids that are orphaned... its similar to the Christmas box house and I couldn't help but hold back tears as we talked to them and heard there stories.. it was also such a cool experience to see the ward interact and help them because even the members here have basically nothing but they are willing to give everything that they do have to help others.. thats what I love about this church! 

funny story this week.. somehow a gigantic cat entered our house (we have no idea how or how long it has been living with us because our house is completely closed off) but I was studying at my desk and my comp was in the room still and the cat literally jumped from the ceiling and scared me sooo bad. It was HUGE, I'm convinced it was a half cat half dog. I screamed and my companion came running out - she is about just as good or worse if thats possible with animals as me and started screaming ´´get it out, get it out!!¨ I screamed back ´´you get it out!¨ hahah the thing ran and hid and every time we got close it would hiss at us. we spent literally an hour trying to call it out, we even tried leaving it a trail of cheese, and eventually had to knock on the neighbor's door and ask her to come rescue us hahah how embarrassing. My hate for animals has only grown in the last 6 months! 

We are doing great here and have a lot of really promising people that we are teaching! As we were passing by a group of drunks this week the thought came to my mind ´´what does God think of them?´´ and then popped into my head a talk from a 70 in this last conference that ´´compared to God, none of us are all that different in our sins´´ we are all SO imperfect and God loves us all just the same even in our imperfections and cares a lot more about who we are and who we are trying to become than about who we once were. that helped me a lot because everyone can change and Heavenly Father loves the drunks in the street just as much as he loves me and he knows that they have the potential to change as well! ´´thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ we can look at our previous selves and say ´´Twas I, but Tis not I.´´ KEEP MOVING FORWARD!! 

love you all! thanks for all the support! 
Hermana Andersen :)

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