Monday, June 8, 2015

city central!

hey everyone!!
the new area could not be more different from my last area, I am in the heart of Cochabamba so I am coming from all fields to all city - such a big change but I am adjusting just fine! the cars here are CRAZY - red lights mean absolutely nothing haha so we are always always dodging cars and darting across the street as fast as possible! also the city is a lot more dangerous so we don't carry hardly anything with us because thefts are super super common and white people are an automatic target! also this area has hills like I have never seen before! they are so steep that the cars can't climb them and they KILL us hahaha everyday my legs feel like I have been in Disneyland for a week! But there are amazing people here and I am super happy! the houses aren't quite as humble as Tiquipaya which is good and bad - good because my heart doesn't hurt as much but bad because in the mission I have learned that more money = less receptive. so sad but true! My new comp is from Nicaragua and is the sweetest as long as you are on her good side haha! 
I got to go back to Tiquipaya Saturday to see Eduardo get baptized which was SO awesome - like going home after a vacation haha! Its so so amazing to see the changes these people make in their lives when they accept the gospel!
I love you all and hope everything is going good at home! see you soon! 

Hermana Andersen :)

photo: we found cholita clothes in our house last night and couldn't help but play dress up haha!

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