Monday, June 1, 2015

Chau Tiquipaya :(‏

Hey everyone!
what a week, what a week! Tomorrow I will be leaving Tiquipaya and there are no words to describe how sad I am :( It is so so hard to leave these people that I have come to love so much. I was 99.9% sure that it was coming, but I was holding onto that .1% with everything that I had! But I know that there are other people to meet and experiences to have. I am going to an area called ´´las cuadras´´ with an hermana cuardra haha super ironic. It will be an adventure for sure but I know that the Lord is in charge! we have a baptism here in tiquipaya on Saturday which is super sad to be leaving behind as well but I am just so grateful for all the people I have gotten to know here - they truly are amazing! 
Highlights of the week:
-got charged by 2 sheep. those things look innocent but when they come from behind at full speed to attack you there are freaking vicious. hahaha it was actually really hilarious after I got back up
- saw my house on Google Maps! haha we had to go to the mission offices and the secretaries said ´want to go for a walk around your block?´ I forgot how beautiful paved roads and lawns and america in general is! it turned out to actually be torture haha
- Mothers day! this week was mothers day here in Bolivia and we tried to make ´´brownies´´ in an oven of one of our investigators for our ´´moms´´ here... hahaha the brownies were in the oven for about 5 minutes and literally turned into charcoal, not quite sure what happened there.
- The ward mission activity this month was ´´bring your friends and family to a movie night´´ we showed Fast and Furious 7... our job was to sit outside and pass popcorn and write down the addresses of the new investigators that came. haha TORTURE. sounds like a pretty legit movie from the outside! 

I am super happy and more and more grateful for this opportunity everyday! I hope everyone is doing well and all is well at home :) love you all!!

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