Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Hey everyone!
Woah to say this week has been an adventure would be an understatement.. living in the city has opened my eyes to a whole new world!   A few adventures we ran into this week: 
#1: Got locked in the church. hahah we were in a meeting with the ward mission leader and someone came and locked us in (the doors lock from the outside) - we left the meeting just in time to watch her close the outside gate and get in the bus and drive away. Of course it was lunchtime and we had to wait for someone to come and rescue us - I seriously considered jumping from the window but decided legs are pretty important in the mish. 
#2: Found out the hard way that my companion has allergies and asthma and that the allergies trigger the asthma. we were in the middle of a lesson and she just started bawling! I know that the first vision is powerful but I sensed that something was super wrong so we ended the lesson super fast and left the poor confused investigators wondered what the heck was wrong with us hahaha but we got out and she was freaking out saying ¨get me oxygen, get me oxygen!¨ I had no idea what to do because we were at the top of the hill and 911 doesn't really exist, so I said a prayer and took off running and LUCKILY turned the corner to a pharmacy and here you don't have to have any kind of prescription for anything ha so she sold me an inhaler and everything was fine, but not an experience I would like to have again! 
#3: We were in the cancha (a HUGE market - look it up on youtube) buying our breakfast and the next thing I new I was SOAKED in milk. I looked down and realized my bag had been slashed completely open! luckily the only thing I had in there was a bag of milk and the knife punctured the bag too - haha I was SO annoyed but grateful that it just punctured the bag and not my body! the thieves here are unreal and so fast! 

Everyday here is such an adventure, its sketchy at times but I always know that Heavenly Father is protecting us and I'm super grateful for that! We have a baptism programmed for Saturday - so lots of prayers that everything will go as planned with that :) I love this work and know that it truly is the Lord´s work and he truly prepares these people in HIS way. Love you all!! 

Hermana Andersen
photo: we found this girl that is SUPER interested but her parents locked her in hahah so we had our lesson through this little hole in the door! 

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