Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

hello everyone! 

first of all, thank you all SO much for all the sweet emails, letters and packages for my birthday! I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life! it was a day pretty normal here in the mish, other than the fact that I was SO sick hahah my stomach just really hates certain foods here but I havent been able to figure out what exactly triggers it. But I was feeling better by the night and my sweet companion filled the ward in that it was my birthday (not sure how because we are together 24/7 and still dont have a cell phone) and they surprised me with a cake at ward council! overall it was a good day despite everything :)

Its true that I am officially over half way, that thought makes me smile and cry all at the same time! This time has gone by sooo fast for me and thinking about having to say bye to these people that have completely changed my life makes my heart serioulsy hurt! but I have a good amount of time to live up still and am grateful for everyday!  

we are in Watermelon HEAVEN here. the ´season´ officially started this week and you can just walk down the street and by these huge slices of watermelon! its serioulsy the best haha and sometimes we´ll buy them whole, cut it in half and each eat the whole half haha Im sure its not helping the stomach problems but its sooo delicious!

3 things I learned that have happened in America since I have been gone:
#1: Bruce Jenner is now a girl?!? hahaha whhhatt.
#2: Donald Trump said something racist about Latinos that made all Bolivans hate him
#3: Tswift has new music that is apparently super good!
hahah when I hear about things that have changed I feel like I am living in such a bubble! but its a good bubble and couldnt be more grateful to be here! this really is Heavenly Father´s work and everyday I am learning new things and loving the peopel more and more! 

love you all so much!! 

Hermana Andersen

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

hey everyone!

It's been a crazy week with lots of ups and downs, but such is mission life! we are into HOT HOT days here. everyone tells us if we think this is bad we are in for a treat in October and November Face screaming in fear seriously we melt everyday and have some pretty nasty farmers tans. my comp looks in the mirror everyday and says ¨Ah I don't know what to do, everyday I am blacker and blacker!¨ hahah she's really concerned about it and sometimes leaves the house into the burning sun with jackets and tights to avoid getting ¨blacker´´  all I can do is laugh hahah.

This week we were eating lunch and the pensionista´s son left for school and took all the keys with him.. the doors lock from the inside here too hahah so we were locked inside and had some super important appointments to get to.. we had to break OUT of the house and jump from the window. hahah the pensionista was freaking out and I was dying laughing, something I don't think you would ever seen in America with normal doors. 

Super cool experience this week! Saturday we were having a killer day.. every single appointment fell through and we were having no luck contacting or knocking doors. we passed by the church and I told my comp ¨lets go in and go to the bathroom and get out of the sun for a few minutes.¨ as we were locking up to leave a man came running up to us and said ¨sisters! I cant believe I found you!´´ we were a little bit scared hahah and just kinda stood there like ¨uh.. who are you?´ he told us that he is a member that has been inactive for more than 20 years and has been thinking lately about coming back to church. he said that he told himself he would drive by the church and if he found someone to help him that would be his answer that he needs to get back. He came to church for the first time in 20 years yesterday and is more than prepared to reactivate! Its so awesome to see the miracles that happen everyday and the way that Heavenly Father works through us! 

I love this work and these people and couldn't be happier to be here! have the best week! :)

Click for Optionslove,
Hermana Andersen :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

hello everyone!! 

woah where to start.. its like everytime I get in front of the computer the whole week becomes a blur haha! 
yesterday was ¨Pedestrian day¨ again
.. Its a killer day for us because nobody is in their houses but its a super fun day to be in the street because everyone is out playing in the middle of the road! 

we have been busy this week planning an activity to help one our investigators (Arturo) raise enough money to get married! we just reactivated his wife and he really wants to get married but because they have to get married first which is super expensive for them because they are from Peru.. so lots of prayers that the activity will go good! 

Its been a stressful week because our cellular got robbed.. it was my companions first day with the phone and she seriously did not want to have it hahah but I told her ¨you have to learn at some point!¨ I forgot to mention that you to treat things like that like gold here haha the thieves are SO good and it doesn't matter how ghetto the phone is, they´ll take it! haha she felt soo bad so I couldn't be too upset but its super inconvenient haha! 

I am doing super great here and couldn't be happier, we are finding amazing people and I love seeing the miracles that happen every single day!! Happy Labor Day!! :) 

Hermana Andersen 

#1 - our catch from our hunting exhibition last P-day.. hahah jk just a random cow head we found in the road! we spelt it wayyy before we saw it
#2 - taking advantage of being able to be in the middle of the road on pedestrian day! red lights do not mean ¨stop¨ here, so when you see a gap ya just gotta say a prayer in your heart and run for it! (and yes I know I am a giant next to my tiny little comp)