Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Another week in Bolivia! I cant believe that I have been here in Tiquipaya for over a month! Seriously I feel like Feberuary didnt even happen! haha never in my life has time gone by sooo fast! 
This week I ate guinea pig... haha every week I swear the food gets weirder here! the worst part was they keep the guinea pigs in a cage in the kitchen and all this time I thought they were pets! hahah until I saw it cooked on my plate and I felt like its brothers in the cage were glaring at me and I wanted to tell them ´´sorry I really am not enjoying this experience either!´´ hahah the whole time I just couldnt stop thinking about my childhood pet guinea pig Brownie - so sad haha! Ive learned 2 things about the food here: 1. never ever ask what you are eating - ignorance truly is bliss. 2. the power of hot sauce is so real! If it is on the table I am always so relieved - I may not have taste buds when I get back but I think its worth it!
These week has been amazing! we´ve found a lot of new people and seen a lot of miracles! we got a call one morning from our investigators that we thought we had lost because the people here move SO MUCH and her mother-in-law told us she had moved. but she said. ´´hermanas, why did you forget about me? I want to learn more!´´ holy cow we were so happy! haha it was like a missionarys dream come true! 
I want to share my fav scripture this week! ´´He who seeketh to save his life shall lose it, but he who loseth his life for my sake shall find it.´´ -Matthew 10:9 The only way to really find ourselves is to lose ourselves in the service of others!
I hope everyone is doing well!! love and miss you all!!

Hermana Anderesn

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