Monday, March 9, 2015


Hey everyone!
Transfers were this week! I cant believe Ive already been here a whole transfer! But I am staying in the land of the flowers and will be finishing my training with my original ¨mom!¨ I'm so happy because we are working so hard and so well together and have so much work to here that I want to do together!
this week has been CRAZY! we've had some sketchy things happen in our apartment the last few weeks and our zone leaders have been wanting us out of there but finding a livable house here that meets the mission rules is basically impossible! But this week one of our menos active families that we have been working so hard with had to leave their house - its a mom and her 3 kids and her story is seriously heart wrenching (all the stories here are - I have yet to see a husband here that supports his family and loves his wife) She couldn't afford her house anymore and we had no idea what to do. we prayed and prayed and realized ´´wait, she can afford our house!´´ SO we had 24 hours to find a good apartment and be completely moved out so that they could move in. It was seriously the craziest day but a day of MIRACLES. we have a apartment that is super pretty (bolivian standards) and has a super pretty view of Tiquipaya and I used my bargaining skills to get it down to an affordable price for the mission, our leaders approved and the next day we were out of there! We were so grateful for the Elders to move everything for us - we now have 0 uncracked mirrors in the house but it was a small price to pay for their efficiency! the price that wasn't so small to pay is that they changed our alarm clocks to 3 in the morning, we never change our alarms so they went off and we got up and started exercising - haha we were DEAD! i told my comp ´´holy cow that move seriously killed me I´m not sure I will be able to make it through the day!´´ at about 3:30 we checked our clocks are realized it was the middle of the night hahaha I was so mad. Still in the process of finding some sort of revenge. 
I love the mission experiences so much! This week we found a young 14 year old that is super interested! we were teaching her the first lesson in the dark this week - we couldn't see her face and she was so quiet the whole lesson! We were worried we had offended her but finished to the end and invited her to pray to know if what we had taught was true - that was when we realized she had been crying the whole lesson. she looked at us and said ´´I have never felt this way in my entire life - I know that what you guys just taught me is true´´ HOLY COW there are no words to describe my happiness when I heard this! Lessons like that make every hard day 100% worth it.
These people are amazing and I have been so so humbled here. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't have to hold back my tears as I see how these people are living and how little they have. I feel like I have lived in a bubble of ungratefulness all my life - I knew poor existed but until being here really immersed in it I had no idea that it existed to this extent. I am so grateful to be here and everyday I learn more. I have been blessed with more in this short 19 years of my life than most of these people will ever see in their entire life and that breaks my heart - but I will never again take for granted everything that I have! 
I hope you are all doing well! So grateful for all the love and support! 

hermana Andersen :)

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