Monday, March 23, 2015

Loving Every Second!


This week has been super awesome and full of miracles as usual :) we've had some super great experiences and have some amazing investigators!
On Wednesday we visited our 14 year old investigator that told us the first time we visited her that she wanted to be baptized and she told us that her aunts and uncles who are super catholic have basically talked her out of every good feeling that she had before and that she was ´´just going to stay catholic for now´´. Holy cow we were SO devastated! We told her to just pray about it and the next day we fasted and prayed our hearts out - seriously harder than I've ever prayed for something in my life and on Friday when we went back she told us ´´I prayed and I felt even stronger than the first time that what you guys taught me is true and I need to keep learning no matter what my family says´´ MIRACLE.  So we are working really hard with her and just need to get her 3 assistances to church so we can baptize her! 
We also have some new investigators that are doing awesome! Getting new investigators that are super interested is the best and the worst - the best because they are actually interested, the worst because missionaries are actually therapists too and when people are interested they tell us their WHOLE life stories and the life stories here are seriously heartbreaking! Seriously every single person here has a background that makes me cry. Everything from abandonment to rape to starvation.. ah its so sad. but it makes me so grateful for the life that I have had and everything that I have been blessed with. the mission is seriously the best and I'm loving every second! :)

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