Monday, March 16, 2015

Another week!

Hey everyone!

Another week in Bolivia! This week has been pretty normal - normal for Bolivia hahaha sometimes I think I might not know what's normal anymore because I am just used to the Bolivian life now! but no super crazy food or super crazy drunk men to attack us so that's good!
This week started out super hard, the people here all want to talk about Jesus, but when it comes to following through with their commitments and finding them more than once its super hard and this week we basically had to start from scratch, minus a few that are progressing really good! I've learned that when my comp and I are working hard together and doing all we can do and putting all our trust in the Lord that is when we have success!

We have found 5 new people this week that are super super interested and have had some pretty powerful lessons - so we are expecting a super good week this week :)
This picture is with Elsa - our blind investigator that I talked about a few weeks ago - and her family. Right now we are working super hard with the bishop and a caseworker to get her into a home where they will let her live with her kids and take care of the kids until they are 18. This week the caseworker told us that they for sure want to take the kids - but aren't sure about Elsa. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. The Bishop is fighting this super hard because she isn't safe with her husband and needs to stay with her kids. 
I love hearing everything that is going on at home! so so grateful for all the love and support! I truly have the best friends and family! Have the best week!

Hermana Andersen

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