Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hey everyone!!
Another week in Bolivia! so crazy how fast time flies here! This week has been really good - we have an investigator (Rosemary) who is 22 and we love teaching her because she is so close to our age and we can relate to her really well! but she has a super sad story - she was orphaned when she was really little and remembers nothing of her parents. she escaped the orphanage when she was a teenager, lived in the streets for awhile, and now has a husband and little 3 year old! her one life goal is to be able to find her parents. she just wants to talk to them and ask them what happened and why they abandoned her. she literally cried the whole hour telling us about our life and we left feeling so sad and wanting to help her but not know how - MIRACLE. at our pensionista there are two people eating with us only for this month who work with ID´s of bolivia!! they were able to take her information and find her uncle and she is hoping that through her uncle she can find her parents! holy cow it was so perfect and now she has even more of a desire to listen to us! the Lord works in crazy ways :) 
Saturday we got to go to the mission home to watch the womens conference! it was the best for 2 reasons - WE ATE MEXICAN FOOD and the americans got to watch the conference in english!! also we had a self defense class hahaha we learned a lot but it was seriously hilarious - me and my comp have been practicing at night hahah i think Im going to stick with running away. 
This week I have been studying a talk that I wanted to share - Its on how the small, daily things that we do in our lives (pray, go to church, read the scriptures) make such a big difference at the end of the day. Everyone knows they are important, so why doesn't everyone do them? because the consequences aren't effective immediately, just like not brushing your teeth once or twice isn't going to make your teeth fall out immediately. BUT, the consequences do come eventually! ´´start now. live a purposeful life. put the compounding power of daily disciplines in place in the important areas of your life. I promise you that in a year from now you will either be glad you started today, or you will wish you had.´´ I have learned the truthfulness of this here in Bolivia and know that the little things we do every day are so important!
HAPPY EASTER!! I hope you all have the best day - go on an easter egg hunt and eat all the american candy you possibly can! hahah the Bolivians think we are so crazy because we celebrate the resurrection of Christ with a bunny that brings eggs. Love you all!! 

Hermana Andersen

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