Monday, February 23, 2015

Adventure of a Lifetime!!!

Hey everyone!!

Today has been crazy!! We woke up at 4 this morning to go to a place called Incachaca! Its a rain forest somewhere in Bolivia and is SO beautiful!! literally there are no words or pictures that can describe it! It rained so hard all day so we were so so wet and muddy from head to toe but it was such an adventure and so worth it! we basically had to go off roading in our mini van to get there which was sooo sketchy hahah at one point we had to abandon ship because the rocks were super slick and our van was rolling backwards down the mountain because it couldnt take the weight! hahah everything here is seriously such an adventure!
I cant even describe how many miracles we see every single day here teaching these people! I have really learned the truthfulness of ´´and thus we see that by small means the Lord brings to pass great things´´ we are currently working to find a house and some kind of work for our sweet blind investigator Elsa that I talked about last week to get her away from her crazy drunk husband. It will be a lot easier to teach her when we get her out of there too because he hates us and we have to hide from him and more than once have been chased out of the house and down the street haha the people here are CRAZY! but the bishop is helping a lot, ive really seen how amazing the church is and SO generous! truly the church of the Savior! 
My comp told me our first day that it has always been her dream to learn english, so everyday I teach her a new phrase and she can now have a simple conversation! it makes me so happy to see her progress and she is so proud of it! haha also its the best when I cant take spanish anymore and can say ´´alright lets talk english for a bit!´´
Also a lot of the old people here speak Quechua which is seriously a crazy language. its quite a predicament when we contact someone and learn that they only speak quechua because my comp doesn't understand it either hahah when I hear it I seriously feel like I'm in Star wars talking to those animal things!! hahah i told that to an Elder and he told me that It really is the language that they speak. I think he was kidding but he sounded pretty serious and I think I believe it! 
The mish is so hard but I feel so so blessed to be here and am so happy!! I love being able to see these sweet people´s lives change as they find the truth! I hope all is well at home! Les amo mucho!

Hna Andersen

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