Monday, February 2, 2015

Hey everyone!
I am officially a real missionary! haha I am in Tiquipaya which is a little pueblo in Cochabamba. actually its huge! My companion tells me that we haven't even seen a fourth of it yet and i feel like we have walked all of Bolivia! My comp is Hna Callata, she is from Peru and is super excited for me to learn spanish better hahah shes a really good worker which is good!
This place is crazy! there are stray dogs EVERYWHERE and they hate missionaries... hahah we have to carry books of mormon in our hands so that we can hit them away when they charge us. its my worst nightmare really hahah. also the men here are super creepy and when they are drunk so scary. (close your eyes mom and dad) this week we went into a little store and there was a drunk man and my comp whispered for me to be careful and her heard her and cornered us and started throwing punches. i thought we were done for and was wishing i had some more self defense classes! luckily he got distracted and we took off running! that was one way to teach me to stay away from them haha!
i actually have really liked the food so far, our pensionista is really good but my stomach does not agree. haha ive been super sick all week, the problem is there are no public bathrooms here, so its a pretty crappy situation hahah no pun intended. also my comp tells everyone we talk to and everyone has a different disgusting magic solution that i can assure you does not help with an upset stomach, if anything it makes it worse hahah but i am grateful that they care and want to help! 
we have 2 baptisms on saturday!!! its a mom and son and they are so excited, its so cute!! i don't really count them as my own because the date was set before i got here, but we have a couple investigators right now that are really progressing which is super exciting!
I hope everything is good at home! NEVER TAKE AMERICA FOR GRANTED. haha seriously its the best. but the people here are amazing and seriously willing to give everything they have! love and miss you all!!

hermana andersen :)

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