Wednesday, February 18, 2015

misson lyfe

hello everyone!!
Another week in Bolivia! The past 2 days we've had to stay in the house all day because they have this thing called ´´carnival´´ here where basically everyone in Bolivia gets drunk and dances in the street and throws water everywhere! haha it actually was great we had time to clean the whole house and also had a pretty sick water fight with the elders at our pension! and the water part of the carnival started last week - little kids carry around water balloons everywhere and they would hide in the bushes and seriously bombard us on every corner because missionaries are prime targets! haha between the freakin dogs and the kids with water balloons I think we looked more like ninjas than missionaries last week!
Brinley & Hermana Callata
Also we got to go to the Cochabamba temple last week with a few other zones! seriously SO beautiful and its always so good to get to see and talk to other white missionaries in english!
Ive already been more humbled here than i could ever imagine! these people live such simple lives but are content with the things they have! we've had some super sad experiences and seen some super sad things - last week we got a new investigator who is super great, she is a young mom who recently lost her sight from a brain tumor and has 4 young kids. sunday we went to get her for church and she called from the door (most doors here are just bed sheets) that she couldn't come, we asked if she is okay and she came out crying in pain. she explained to us that she was having what sounded like an appendicitis - but cant afford to go to the doctor because her husband uses the little money they do have for alcohol. she didn't want us to return with the elders for a blessing that day because her husband was home, and we haven't left the house the last 2 days so we arent sure how shes doing but I'm seriously heart broken for her - I cried the whole 3 hours of church! But we have been praying constantly are hoping everything will be okay today when we go check on her!
Things like this happen every single day here that are seriously heartbreaking, but we also so sooo many miracles every single day and it is truly amazing to see how the Lord works! I´m starting to get used to this Bolivian life and there is nowhere else I'd rather be! 
I love you alll!! Thank you for all the love and support!! 
love, Hna Andersen

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