Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 2 in Bolivia Done!

This week went by a lot faster and felt a lot more productive because I am getting to know the people and our investigators better! The baptism was awesome!! They were so so excited and the spirit was super strong! It only started 2 hours late! haha im convinced that i was sent here to learn patience. if they tell us something starts at 7, we can plan on about 8 or 830 and i get sooo frustrated because we waste so much time waiting for meetings to start. haha the baptism was supposed to start at 5 and at 7 there was still no bishop with the baptism clothes - we couldnt take it anymore so me and my comp took off running in the pouring rain to the bishops house to get the clothes ourselves! hahaha so we are soaking wet in all the pictures but i just couldnt stop laughing because only in Bolivia!
There are so many things here I cant get used to! for example if you dont greet and kiss every single person in the room everytime you walk in the room no matter how many times you see them a day or if youve never met them, you are considered rude! even the men kiss - we obvioulsy cant kiss the men but our investigators dont understand that so we have to keep a very sturdy hand shake hahah but sometimes is almost impossible. this week we were with an investigator for the first time and he went in to kiss my cheek and I leaned back and he pulled harder hahah my companion was screaming ¨no, no, we cant!!!´´ hahah i felt like i was in a movie! he kept on trying and my companion had to pull me away hahah he was sooo mad. i dont think he´ll be getting baptized any time soon! 
also something crazy here is the transportation. when we go into the city we take truffis - mini vans and if you can fit in, youre allowed! today i broke my record of 20 people in one mini van and right now there are riots and blockages on almost every corner because next month is election month, we got stuck in a traffic jam for 2 HOURS! hahaha take my word for it that you never want to be in a mini van with 20 angry bolivians for 2 hours! it smelt sooo bad and i just had to stick my head out the window and laugh! seriously i am always laughing here because what else can you do?!
I will never every take a washing maching for granted again! haha hand washing everything is so much more work than i imagined! this week my comp. said - ´´wow you have a lot less clothes to wash this week!´´ hahah I´m making them last as long as possible! 
Along with the goodness of the gospel, im bringing the goodness of no-bake cookies to Bolivia! we couldnt get anyone in the ward to help with treats for the baptism, and we dont have an oven so it was the only thing i could think of and the Bolivans DEVOURED them! hahaha im teaching how to make them for a relief society activity this week - changing lives one cookie at a time!
love you all and hope all is well at home!! 

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