Monday, November 2, 2015


hey everyone! 
lots of cultural differences this week! they don't celebrate Halloween here the way we do, but yesterday was a holiday mainly for the Catholics called ¨day of the saints.¨ the people that have loved ones that have died set up these giant tables, with SO MUCH food. like everything that the person might have possibly liked to eat. and the people go from house to house and say catholic prayers for the dead people, the more prayers you say, the more food you get. hahah my companion used to be catholic so she knows all the prayers and I told her to at least get us some food! haha she didn't, but there were lots of people that saw us passing by and would give us a mountain of food and tell us to pray for their loved ones that have died! haha super different but it has been fun to see how they celebrate! 
we are seeing lots of progess in the area, and dreading transfers! haha it seems like they always come right when everything is picking up! Noami is still on date for November 14 and is doing great, she even bore her testimony in Relief Society yesterday! 
I am loving the mission and am more and more grateful everyday for all of the many blessings I have, both at home and here in Bolivia. I love you all and hope everyone is well at home! 
nos vemos pronto! :) 
Hermana Andersen 

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