Monday, November 23, 2015

new beginnings!

hey everyone!

holy cow I have gone from complete opposite extremes! my new area is as rural as it gets, so its a big adjustment coming from the city.. but I LOVE it. two transfers ago there were 6 missionaries serving in the part that just us two have now.. haha its HUGE and super overwhelming because my companion goes home this transfer, but President is sending them home 2 weeks early so they can be home for Christmas, so I have 4 weeks to get everything down and get to know everyone! Its super overwhelming but such an adventure!
everyday is such an adventure! if we don't have set appts we say ¨¨lets climb this mountain!¨ haha its awesome becasue we have found all kinds of cool rivers and bridges and also really really amazing people! they wash their clothes in the river and seriously live like pioneers. but I've learned here that the less the people have, the more they are willing to give. they literally don't have anything but they truly live by ´´we just met 2 minutes ago, but whats mine is yours¨ its been such a cool lesson for me and as much as I love the people that I met in the city, the people here have already stolen my heart.
also there are pigs running around EVERYWHERE! hahaha its hilarious and I´d take them any day over the dogs. they are CRAZY here, like seriously so vicious and there is a rabies outbreak haha so thats fun. we've learned to carry little treats to distract them so that we can run past haha. 
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I have never been more grateful in my whole life for everything i have been blessed with and all the amazing people I have in my life! I love you all!! 

Hermana Andersen 

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