Monday, November 9, 2015

another week in Bolivia!

Hello everyone!
its been a pretty normal week here, noemi is doing great and we are planning her baptism for this saturday, so we are super excited and praying super hard that everything will work out! 

My trainer is now my sister training leader, so this week we got to go on splits together which was super awesome to be together again and walk down memory lane for a whole day haha! we also had a super cool experience! we were knocking doors and this lady opened the door and was SO nice and told us to come on in! haha we just kinda stood there a little shocked cause that pretty much never happens. turns out she was one of the first members in Bolivia and has been inactive for awhile now because of some dumb little things. anyways we committed her to come to church and as we were leaving her two dogs escaped. she was serioulsy like distraught and took it as a ¨sign¨ that we were bad luck. haha we looked every where for the dogs and couldnt find them anywhere, so we went on our way and told her we´d keep our eyes out. that night we had a family night with some members and when they opened the door they said ¨come in fast because we found 2 dogs in the street and we don't want them to escape until we found their owners!¨ turns out they were this lady´s dogs and she was SO happy plus she got to know some members! the whole situation was just to perfect to be coincidence! 
the mission is awesome because we see experiences like this almost everyday and its super awesome to see how the Lord works Heavy black heart

lots of love from Bolivia!! I hope everyone is happy and doing well :) 

Hna Andersen :)

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