Monday, March 28, 2016

Baptism Font Dive

Hey everyone!

Easter is celebrated super different here, in that its not really celebrated at all haha. The members say that everyday should be Easter and we don't need a holiday to remember Jesus, and the Catholics celebrate everyday leading up to Sunday with lots, and lots, and lots of food. we have eaten so much this week we had to start telling people that we were fasting because our stomachs literally couldn't take anymore.
we´ve been super busy this week, we´ve had the sisters from Tupiza, the farthest part of the mission, staying with us to do intercambios. we were also in charge of a stake Mini MTC, the youth had a full ¨day in the MTC¨ and then we took them out to proselyte. and the next day we were in charge of doing a dinner for our sisters and setting everything up to watch the women's conference.. needless to say a nap is calling our name! BUT we are super happy and so excited because we are going to be staying together one more transfer! :)

Story of the week: we were getting everything ready for the women's conference - the elders had just had a baptism and the secretary asked us to drain the font.. usually you just have to pull the plug, but the little string broke.. ¨no problem, I´ll get it with my feet!´´ .. those stairs are A LOT more slippery then they seem... hahah I FELL INTO THE BAPTISMAL FONT! (s/o to aunt Janet) unfortunately I don't have any pics, but don't worry the elders were there to film it all. haha it was a looong and cold women's conference. I had kids asking me all night ´´did you get baptized?´´
literally never a dull moment in the mission! 
have a good week! love you all! 

Hermana Andersen 
this is cute little tiago, our pensionista´s son. he has literally an army of minions and asks us to play with him everyday while we wait for our tuna. (still working on learning to love or even like tuna!)

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