Monday, January 25, 2016

sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!‏

hello hello!
adventure of the week? BED BUGS. yes we got bed bugs. well actually we think we've had them for awhile, but we've just been sorta in denial about it and this week it got out of control. bites EVERYWHERE. haha I´m not sure which was worse, having the bed bugs, or having to naturally fumigate EVERYTHING. like its just really not that convenient here because its not like you can just throw everything in the wash real quick. haha but after lots of wasted time, bottles of bleach, and cancelled divisions with the sisters to prevent spreading them. I think we finally are rid of them. hahah hna wing will be going home with lots of little bites as souvenirs from Bolivia ;)
the holiday ¨carnival¨ has officially started here. AKA the WORST time ever to be a missionary in Bolivia. the actual holiday isn't for like 2 weeks, but they start like 3 weeks earlier and its basically just like whatever person is walking in the street gets attacked by water balloons and squirt guns. sucks for us cause we´re literally ALWAYS in the street. haha but its been super super hot this week so after you get over the pain of the balloon popping its actually kinda refreshing! 
Yesterday we had a lesson on being HAPPY. that we don't need to depend on anyone else to create our own happiness. we DECIDE to be happy in whatever circumstance we are faced with. that is something that these sweet Bolivans have taught me, you don't have to have everything going exactly your way to be able to be happy :) love you all!
Hermana Andersen

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