Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year!

hey everyone!

okay so turns out that new years is actually a bigger holiday than Christmas! remember all those pigs that I said our in our area? well now there's just lots of baby pigs, cause I´ll the big ones were killed for new years eve dinner! hahah we were walking down the street and just heard this pig squealing and I told my companion ¨I think its giving birth!¨ haha we peeked our heads over the wall and definitely didn't see a pig giving birth, haha so disturbing! then we walked down the street and could hear pigs being killed in like every house! it was actually really traumatizing and I was actually really grateful that we aren't allowed to eat pig here!

we rang in the new year in our cute little apartment just the two of us! haha we were sooo tired but we couldn't just sleep on new years eve! haha so we held our eyes open and definitely regretted it the next day when the alarm went off at 630! haha our area was like a ghost town, we had an investigator fall asleep mid sentence. but we weren't even mad cause we felt the same way! 

our area is slowly but surely progressing, we have to go at a really slow pace with most of the people here because they usually don't have more than a second grade education. so we have to relate pretty  much everything to crops or sheep herding. haha but they are the most humble sweet people and I am so grateful to be here! 

Happy new year everyone! love you all so much!

Hermana Andersen 

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