Monday, January 11, 2016

A Little Bit of Heaven

hello hello!

The week has been super awesome here! we flew into Cochabamba on Tuesday for a leadership conference that lasted all day, and there are only planes to come back in the mornings so we got to stay the night there and visit our old areas and converts! then we had 2 options.. sleep on the floor of another sisters apartment, OR sleep in the mission home... uh, I think we´ll take the mission home! let me just tell you a few amazing things about our stay in heaven: 

#1: carpet!! we took off our shoes and just let our poor little feet be so happy for a night
#2: eating cold ceral at 10 PM with President and Hermana Hansen, haha it was just like home! 
#3: no need for shower shoes!! PLUS there was a real shower door and also a real shower head and there wasn't even a risk of it electrocuting us! 
#4: the bed!! for the first time in over a year a slept in a real bed that was bigger than me (and also the bed that the apostles sleep in when they come)
#5: A/C INSIDE our room!! like if it got hot we could turn it up and when we got cold could turn it down!!
#6: waking up in the morning and going hill running up and down the temple hill - SO beautiful!
#7: WAFFLES!! we ate waffles for breakfast from a real waffle machine!!
#8: Dishwasher!! I kid you not that we literally spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to open it before giving up and asking Hermana Hansen to come help us.. haha how embarrassing. 
#9: drinking water! we could drink the water straight from the tap and there wasn't little floating guys or anything in it! 
#10: Quiteness! we literally slept through the whole night and didn't hear a single dog barking or car engine rev or people yell!

So to sum it all up we literally felt like royalty for a day and it was the best! BUT that being said, it was also nice to get back to our humble little apartment with these people that we love so much! 
we are planning a wedding for the second week of February and the wife is going to get baptized the next day, wahoo! definitely wishing pinterest was a missionary approved website haha! 

I love you all and am so grateful for such amazing people in my life and such an amazing support system back home! have the best week! :)

Hermana Andersen :)

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