Monday, August 24, 2015

Crazy Week

That one word pretty much sums up this week.. haha I could write pages and pages literally about these past few days but I will save all the details for 10 months from now and tell you the big things.

#1: We got to have a conference with Elder Bednar!! me and my comp were on the 2nd row and it was the most amazing experience I think I have ever had. with him was the presiding bishop of the church, our area 70, area president, and all of their wives! He told us ¨you guys will never have an oppurtunity to be with this many authorities and their wives again so take it in!´´ His son served in this mission 15 years ago so he came too!  It was awesome because he didnt just talk, he asked us questions and interacted with us and let us ask questions too! we talked a lot about prayers, and how prayer isnt just something that we should do and then wait and wait for an answer. we have to pray and then we have to act and Heavenly Father will guide us as we start moving. for example we always say in church ¨help everyone that couldnt be here this week that they can come next week¨ and then we dont do anything about it.. when in reality if that prayer was sincere we would go out and GET those people and bring them to church. also about the Isrealite children when they were promised that the River Jordan would part and they would be able to cross, but it didnt start to part until AFTER their feet were wet. we have to act and start moving to be able to see answers!  

#2. Valeria got baptized!! her whole family came and her older brother is super interested in the church and we will be teaching his family this week! #miracles

#3: Transfers!! I will be training! I am super nervous but super excited for the oppurtunity! she comes in on wednesday so until then I will pretty much be ¨sister hopping¨ - haha I have been doing that since thursday and its basically like whatever member or sisters I can find I stick with, it sounds simple but its actually been real complicated and I think I will need a massage by Wednesday ;) 

well thats just a real small part of this week, its been an adventure to say the least but they are memories that I will never forget and am so grateful for! I love you all and am so grateful for the support! Cuídense! :)

Hermana andersen 

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