Monday, April 11, 2016

Chicken Foot Soup

hey everyone!

the week has flown by! its getting chillier and chillier here, but I love Potosi and seriously couldnt be happier to be here, the people are AMAZING. 

cool story this week: we were on divisions with one of our companionships and I was in their area. we got a call from someone that said some missionaries had given her a folleto (idk what that is in english.. little book?) like a year ago with their number on it and wanted to talk to us. our appointment had just fallen through so we went running. when we got there we got to know her a little bit and asked her what motivated her to call us. she said that she didn't think much about the folleto after they gave it to her, but that she has had a really hard month, that she has made some big mistakes, that she needs to change, and she remembered that the missionaries had told her they had ¨a message of happiness.¨ In just the half hour that we were able to talk to her and explain to her that nobody is ever too far out of reach of Christ´s love, she completely changed, we saw a glimmer of hope enter into her eyes and she told us ¨this is what I have been looking for¨ 
Chicken foot soup!
I love this work because I love seeing the way people change and the happiness this message brings into the lives of people that feel that all is lost!

on another note, pictured is the chicken foot that was found in my soup this week. haha this time I couldn't hold in my reaction when I saw it. I let out a little squeal and my pensionista was in shock that I had never eaten one before. I'm adding that to the list of weird things that I can say I've tried once and once is sufficient!

love you all! have a good week :)

Hermana Andersen

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