Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015


its been a week of lots of ups and downs! we got to celebrate my companions birthday this week, so its been fun planning lots of little surprises and doing my best to make it feel like a ´´different´´ day, because in the mission days that at home are the best, are usually just normal days! but we have had lots of fun and eaten LOTS of american candy hahaha she told me ´´I think I´m going to have diabetes when I get home´´ #´merica

2 of the inactive families we have been working really closely with officially reactivated this week, and it has been so amazing to see the way their lives have changed as they have made the decision to come back to church and the blessings that come when we live the way we should be living. 

I have been thinking a lot this week about how blessed I really am. as we left a lesson with an hermana that is passing for an innumerable amount of trials and having a hard time understanding why, I told my companion ¨Isn´t it interesting that some of us are SO privileged that we never have to go through anything that even compares to even one of the many trials that some people are faced with?´´ she told me something that really got me thinking. she said ¨yeah but because we have been given so much and been blessed with so much, we have that much bigger of a responsibility to help the people that are down and that don´t have the things we have been blessed with, and we are going to be judge according to what we did with what we were given¨
We are seriously more blessed than we even realize and have the responsibility to share the blessings that we have with those that are passing through hard times. 

I love you all and am so grateful for all the prayers and love from home, especially in these last couple of weeks! 

oh one more thing, this week a spider had babies in our house!! ahh I hate bugs so much. hahaha every night we go on a hunt for all the baby spiders we can find, and every night in my prayers I pray that there aren't any in my bed, and that if there are I will never know. hahah ahh See-no-evil monkey

love you all! 
hermana andersen :)

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