Monday, October 19, 2015

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Hello everyone! 

Lots of scattered thoughts this week - haha I always sit down to write and think ¨how am I supposed to put everything that happened this week into one little email?!¨ but here´s the week in a nutshell: 

-temple! seriously when you can only go to the temple once every three months, its one of the most exciting things for us to be able to all go together and do a session as missionaries! also the temple is the only place in cocha where you can flush your toilet paper.. and I'm not gonna lie it freaked me out a little to see toilet paper in the toilet. hahah that's when I said to myself ¨yeah I´m officially weird.¨

-spider attack. last week I wrote about baby spiders, this week something way way worse than baby spiders happened. every night I literally crash into bed like I haven't slept in weeks hahah this week as I fell into bed my head fell literally CENTIMETERS from the biggest most disgusting spider I have ever seen in my entire life ON MY PILLOW. I screamed so loud that our pensionista came running from next door to see what had happened, and even she was scared to do anything with it! she said ¨stand back I think its poisonous!´´ seriously I wanted to die and my week has consisted of hand washing every blanket we have in the house because to say I am paranoid is an understatement haha also my companion and I may or may not have made our two little beds into one medium size bed - we figure  at least if there´s spiders in one bed they´ll be in both and we can suffer together!
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-sweetest experience! we have a menos active couple we have been working really close with and have come to really love, they treat us SO good! my watch has been cracked since the mtc and I have just been living with it because I haven't had time to fix it and this week the whole face pretty much shattered - as we were teaching this couple a lesson, the husband noticed it and after the lesson asked to borrow it, I forgot about it and when I realized that night thought, ¨I´ll just get it next time¨.. Last night we had another lesson and he handed me my watch in PERFECT condition! he had taken it to get fixed and was so excited to surprise me with it! something that sounds so small for us I know, but something that means so much to me because they really dont have hardly anything, and I know it was a real sacrifice for them to do that for me! I have learned so much here and come to really appreciate the sweet little acts of service that these humble people give every single day! I love Boliva, I love Bolivians, I love this gospel, and honestly couldn't be happier! 
Happy fall! Its crazy to me that its fall here, because we are still feeling like its the middle of summer here! I love you all so much! have the best week! Heavy black heart

hna andersen 

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