Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015

hello everyone!! 

woah where to start.. its like everytime I get in front of the computer the whole week becomes a blur haha! 
yesterday was ¨Pedestrian day¨ again
.. Its a killer day for us because nobody is in their houses but its a super fun day to be in the street because everyone is out playing in the middle of the road! 

we have been busy this week planning an activity to help one our investigators (Arturo) raise enough money to get married! we just reactivated his wife and he really wants to get married but because they have to get married first which is super expensive for them because they are from Peru.. so lots of prayers that the activity will go good! 

Its been a stressful week because our cellular got robbed.. it was my companions first day with the phone and she seriously did not want to have it hahah but I told her ¨you have to learn at some point!¨ I forgot to mention that you to treat things like that like gold here haha the thieves are SO good and it doesn't matter how ghetto the phone is, they´ll take it! haha she felt soo bad so I couldn't be too upset but its super inconvenient haha! 

I am doing super great here and couldn't be happier, we are finding amazing people and I love seeing the miracles that happen every single day!! Happy Labor Day!! :) 

Hermana Andersen 

#1 - our catch from our hunting exhibition last P-day.. hahah jk just a random cow head we found in the road! we spelt it wayyy before we saw it
#2 - taking advantage of being able to be in the middle of the road on pedestrian day! red lights do not mean ¨stop¨ here, so when you see a gap ya just gotta say a prayer in your heart and run for it! (and yes I know I am a giant next to my tiny little comp)

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