Monday, May 30, 2016

Bolivian Hospitals

hey everyone!!

power went out in potosi ha so not much time to write, but an update on this crazy week:
we spent 3 days in the hospital.. I woke up thursday morning to Hna Roberts like... dead. ha so we went to the ER and the doctor looked at her for like 2 seconds and was like, ¨yep, looks like you have pharingitis!¨ and gives us like 7 antibiotics to buy. I thought it was so weird cause her throat wasnt hurting her at all. But she was super bad and we didnt really have a lot of other options so we started heading out to the pharmacy (the whole time just praying my heart out) and when we got to the door this random lady pulls us to the side and asks whats wrong.. we told her we werent really sure, and that we didnt think it was the right diagnosis. her husband called up his friend thats a doctor in another hospital.. they took us there, got us the right diagnosis, and took us back to the other hospital and stayed with us until hna Roberts had been admitted and everything was good. turns out she had salmonella and parasites.. almost pharangitis?? haha ugh. but I dont know if I have ever been so grateful for 2 people in my whole life. I really do feel like they were angels! 

Click for Optionsso we spent the next 3 days in the hospital. haha I ¨slept¨ on the floor with 2 little couch cushions that covered about half of me. and it was hilarious cause the nurses were coming in all night like tripping over me hahah by day 3 we were literally going insane from no sleep and nothing to distract us. BUT it was an experience we will never forget - and one that made us so grateful for American hospitals! 

that was the biggest highlight this week, but despite that we are working hard and teaching lots of really amazing people here in Potosi! I love you all! see you soon!

Hermana Andersen 

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