Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!

hello everyone!
its been a crazy week, but super awesome!

#1. having an american companion is AWESOME! hna wing is from highland and everyone thinks it is so crazy that they have two missionarys from the ¨holy land¨ in their ward haha. we work super hard and good together and make English jokes and american treats and its the best!!

#2. I witnessed the craziest rainstorm I've ever witnessed in my whole life this week! the weather is crazy and goes from baking hot to pouring rain in literally 2 minutes. we were super far away from the house and didn't have a single jacket when it started raining seriously so hard. we rain all the way home and by the time we got there it looked seriously like we had just jumped into a swimming pool with all our clothes on!

Life in Sucre
#3. Friday night I went outside in flip flops to get some clothes that were hanging up to dry and there was a piece of broken brick that sliced my toe right open. hahaha there was seriously so much blood and it turned into a murder scene and the people that live in our building still look at us really weird when we leave. luckily its healing slowly but surely! feet injuries are the worst!

The work is super awesome here and I am loving this area more and more everyday! we are finding lots of really awesome people and are super happy with the progress :) 

Merry Christmas from Bolivia! we taught the latinos in our district some good gingerbread house making today - Bolivian style! there aren't a lot of big Christmas traditions here, but its been fun to celebrate a little bit differently and focus a little bit more on others and a little bit less on myself and really remember the true meaning! 

I love you all!! :)

hermana andersen :)
Hermana Andersen & Hermana Wing

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