Monday, April 20, 2015


What a crazy week! This week we had a ton of service projects, I have learned that service projects here are no small task haha we have a family in the ward that lives on a duck farm and he asked us to come help him - oh boy we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! we walked in to seriously like 500 quacking ducks and a HORRIBLE smell, walked a little further to see more ducks hanging upside down with their necks slit open, walked even further to see cholitas gathered around a bin of water plucking every single feather off of the bloody ducks. that is where we came in. hahah oh my gosh never in my life did I imagine that I would ever be doing anything like that. I was super disgusted but took myself back to my CNA days and went to my happy place. hahah the worst part was that when we finished they served us duck to eat and they told me literally 4 times while we were eating ¨we hope this doesn't make you sick¨ - hahah ohh sick was an understatement. I literally was 98% sure that I was going to die. But thanks to Priesthood blessings and American medicine I am finally on the up and up! One thing is for sure - you could not pay me enough money in the whole world to ever ever own a duck farm. 
Big news of the week - tomorrow I will have a new comp! I have learned that just when you are comfortable in the mish and everything seems to be going smooth, you will have a transfer. we are pretty bummed because we have so many investigators that are progressing so good right now, but hopefully I can keep that going with my new comp! Last night was a night of laughing and lots of crying as we talked about all the memories we have together her in Tiquipaya and all the amazing people we have found and miracles we have seen! The emotions of the mission are so crazy haha but I am super happy here and learning everyday! This pic is with our ¨family of gold¨ we are teaching the whole family and almost all of them have baptism dates for May and have been assisting every Sunday! They make us feel seriously part of their family - its seriously the best to be able to find ¨homes away from home¨ here! 
I hope everything is well at home! love and miss you all!! 
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Hermana Andersen

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