Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Safe and Sound

Hey everyone!!
 I made it to the ccm safe and sound! It has been such an adventure already! Our flight was delayed from Atlanta to Colombia and we got stuck in customs because they wanted to search all of our books... which we obviously have a lot of! so we got out of the airport around 12 and our ride was nowhere to be found. there were 6 of us and I knew the most Spanish out of all of us... which tells you how much trouble we were in! we divided and literally searched the whole airport, called every number we had, talked to everyone we possibly could with our broken english, and found nothing! so after a couple of hours we said a prayer and decided we would just have to take a taxi and pray that it got us here! we definitely got ripped off on that taxi but we were just so happy to see the ccm we probably wouldve given him everything we had! hahah but there is a gate fence all the way around so we had to stand outside and bang on the gate until a security guard came and let us in... he was so confused! but he opened up the kitchen to us and let us eat whatever we want. Then we got a quick three hours of sleep haha so I am exhausted but I am having so much fun!
There are only 6 sisters here and only 3 of us speak english! so its basically a constant game of charades and its actually quite hilarious most of the time! the latinos are so sweet to us and they are doing everything they can to try to help us learn the language faster. most of our meetings have been in spanish so far.. so I honestly have no idea whats really going on here but you can feel the spirit even when you cant understand the language! 
We had to turn in basically everything we have that could be considered valuable this morning.. I felt like i was in jail or something but they have to do that to keep our stuff safe! ive already been asked for money a couple of times which breaks my heart because it just shows what kind of living conditions they are coming from!
Ive learned a lot already and this place is so beautiful! I love and miss you all and am so grateful for the love and support!

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